What To Do Before The Concrete Polishing Process

If you want to increase your business efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and create an attractive space, then having a concrete floor instead of a regular one is the key; therefore, concrete polishing is a great option. However, before doing so, a few concrete surface preparation steps need to be taken to ensure the best results.

If you’re a commercial owner searching for concrete polishing services or concrete surface preparation contractors, there are some things you should keep in mind, like the steps to follow before concrete polishing. In this blog post, we will discuss just that. Stay tuned!

5 Steps To Follow Before Concrete Polishing

Assess The Difficulty

Determining the hardness of your concrete is key in determining what type and grit combination will give you that perfect shine. The most cost-effective way for contractors is by purchasing a scratch kit based on the Mohs scale; this allows you to determine which grit (scale) best suits your needs.

This process works by using picks of different hardness levels to scratch the surface of the concrete. This will help you choose an efficient and cost-effective tool for the job at hand.

Fix Chips, Cracks, And Spalls

If you want to achieve a close match when polishing your concrete, you must repair it first. There are various methods of repair available, depending on the type and severity of the damage:

Opt for a patching mixture made with cement if you’re mending small to medium-sized chips or depressions. Or, for surface-level damage, you can opt to use a skim coat material designed for concrete floors. Although static cracks are not a major problem and don’t need much care, you can apply a tinted urethane skim coat if you want to conceal them.

Fix Joints

One of the most important aspects to take into consideration when installing or repairing concrete work on your floor are its joints. These small breaks in between slabs would allow water seepage, which helps prevent cracks from happening at random locations throughout an entire piece if it were filled tight.

Remove All Dirt And Stains From The Concrete Floor

To get an even color on your concrete, you’ll need to remove any oil stains beforehand. A few de-greasers and detergents can be used for light or small oil spots; also, it is important to ensure all adhesives are cleaned completely before polishing.

Choose The Right Equipment And Tools

You must use a bond appropriate for your material to achieve the best results while polishing concrete. If working with hard surfaces such as granite or quartzite, we recommend using soft bonds so diamonds are easily exposed and removed more quickly from these materials.

If you need help with what to use, reach out to a professional concrete polishing company that is seasoned in concrete floor repair.

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