The Simple Guide Of The Concrete Polishing Process

Concrete polishing is the process of transforming concrete floors into highly polished and aesthetically pleasing surfaces. Concrete polishing is cost-effective, and provides numerous advantages to commercial business owners, such as enhanced durability, slip resistance, and improved aesthetics. Additionally, concrete polishing can help reduce the costs of lighting and maintenance.

Many commercial owners prefer concrete floors for the concrete polishing process as they can create a polished, shiny, visually appealing, long-lasting look. And if you’re a business owner wondering about the steps concrete polishing involves, we are here to help! Continue reading.

The 5 Steps Of The Concrete Polishing Process

Clean Off Any Adhesive Left On The Concrete

One of the most popular methods for removing adhesives is through mechanical means. This process requires concrete grinding equipment, which can be rented from a professional supplier or purchased.

Fix Cracks And Joints

If you want to remove the adhesive from your floor, first fill in any cracks or joints with a polyurea joint filler. In areas where the floor is particularly damaged, for example, near doorways and windows, spalling repairs may be necessary instead.

Grind The Concrete To Create A Smooth Surface

Using an industrial-grade grinder, you can create a much smoother finish on your concrete. You start with a low grit size and then move up to higher grit sizes depending on how fine or coarse you want the final product to look.

Make The Concrete Dense

Densification of the concrete involves adding ingredients after the concrete has been mixed instead of before application. It will help optimize the performance and appearance of these surfaces, making them last even longer.

Polish The Concrete

After you grind your concrete, the next crucial step is to polish it. You’ll use the same grinder but with a higher-grade diamond tooling. This process starts at 100 grits and goes up through 200 before ending on an 800 or 1500 grade (depending on what look you’re going for).

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